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.A lighter program for this 11th day of the festival, with soccer taking a truce.

Today, the fair continues to attract its fair share of visitors, with Mr. MEBENGA PROSPER’s stand and his distillery set up right in the middle of the festival village. An hour spent there allows us to gauge the temperature of the festival. Over a glass of odontol( a local Brandy) or palm wine,the festival goers catch up on all the latest festival gossip, rehearse matches and recount the best moments of previous days to those who weren’t there. We learn who’s doing great business and who has a good chance, at least according to the exhibitors themselves, of winning the Golden Palm for best festival exhibitor.In all the surrounding bars, it’s pretty much the same atmosphere.

Every few minutes, newcomers arrive to join the discussion and add their own memories to those of everyone else.Under the attentive ear and admiring gaze of the foreigners, or rather the non-natives, the natives of the MENGONG county are proud and not sparing with anecdotes about the festival, about THE BELINGA FOUNDATION, organizers of the BIA SO MENGONG festival, and about Prof. STEVE FÉLIX BELINGA.

This brings us to the evening’s entertainment, which once again features local artists.

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