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The "Bia So Mengong" festival

The third edition of the Bia So Mengong festival will take place from July 13 to July 27, under the theme "Unity and Diversity"


"Unity and Diversity

3rd Édition of thé Bia So Mengong Festival

July 13- 27 2024

Le festival “Bia So Mengong”, c’est 15 jours d’activités aux effets multiplicateurs avec 49 villages participants.

01. Shows
02.Round Table conference
05.Arts exhibitions

About The
Belinga Foundation

The Belinga Foundation is the brainchild of Professor Steve-Félix Belingaand his wife Mireille Gracia Belinga, originally from Cameroon but living in the United States of America. Since 2022, the Foundation has been organizing the "Bia So Mengong" festival for 15 days, which brings together all the region's know-how: gastronomy, choral singing, sports, crafts, artistic creation, social games, vernissage, exhibitions-sales, etc

Pr Steve Félix Belinga speakinng to media during the 2nd édition of the Bia So Mengong Festival
Welcome to Mengong

"Unity and Diversity"

Over a period of 15 days, the festival brings together all the know-how of the region: gastronomy, choral singing, sport, crafts, artistic creation, social games, vernissage, exhibition-sale, pésie, dance talents of all kinds, etc.


The “Bia So Mengong” festival is the culmination of the Belinga Foundation’s activities, a time to celebrate reunion and promote art and culture.

Snapshots of the Bia So Mengong Festival


Here are a few photos from the first edition of the "Bia So Mengong" festival, which took place from July 16 to 30, 2022.