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from July 15 to July 29 2023

Welcome to Mengong !

Come and discover Mengong, from July 15 to July  29  2023

Come and experience the many artistic evenings, a conference-debate debate on our folk dances, a soccer tournament, a songo tournament, a beauty contest, an ascent of Mount Dumi, shows by local and national artists,

Nights washed down with good local or imported wine. Indigenous culinary flavours, fabrics bearing the mark of local stylistic creation, vibrations, percussion, incantations, all blessing the roaring echo of a locality more united than ever.

Come and see Mengong! It will undoubtedly be a solemn moment in which your brains will tremble with ecstasy and happiness.



The Belinga

The Belinga Foundation is the vision of Professor Steve-Félix Belinga and his wife Mireille Gracia Belinga, originally from Cameroon but now living in the United States of America. After two decades of reflection, the Foundation was born out of a firm desire to bring an ideal of equity and equal opportunity to vulnerable and rural populations around the world, and in Cameroon in particular.

The Foundation distinguishes itself by handing out donations to schools, health facilities, Common Initiative Groups (GIC), but also to events that respond to the Foundation’s call and vision. Since 2022, the Foundation has been organizing the 15-day “Bia So Mengong” festival, which brings together all the region’s know-how: gastronomy, choral singing, sports, crafts, artistic creation, social games, openings, exhibitions and sales, etc.

OUr team

Pr. Steve-Félix Belinga


Mireille Gracia Belinga


Stephane Ebable Mbolo

Board Member

Hervé Azemtsa

Board Member

Dania Ebongue

Board Member

Claye Berenger Atangana Manga

Arts, éducation

Amandine Desjardins Belinga Atouba


Nicole Deschamps Belinga Mfou'ou


Emmanuel Dechannel Eto’o

Culture, dustainable development

Joseph Mfou’ou Samba

Health, Sustainable Development

Rostand Nkumba Ntonga

Sustainable development

Kelly Emma Beling-Nkoumba


Jacques Kisito Ndongo Bityé

Community Manager